We serve a 10 course menu (94€ per person) that is constructed from seasonal ingredients and our inspiration of the moment – our ingredients come from a close distance which makes us respect them even more.

OUR MENU includes:

Potato with lovage and salmon skin

Beetroot with plum

Soured cabbage with maltbread

Salsify, goose gizzard and apple

Cherry tomato, burbot and japanese rose

Sturgeon, carrot, buckthorn and scots pine

Parsnip and shiitake mushroom

Turkey, celeriac, malt and caramelized cream

Cloudberry, douglas fir and oats

Jerusalem artichoke, coffee and caramel


We combine wine and other drinks passionately with our food. We choose a 6 glass beverage pairing of matching drinks for our menu (65€ per person).

Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions beforehand so that we can guarantee a smooth experience for everyone.