We serve a 10 course menu (94€ per person) that is constructed from seasonal ingredients and our inspiration of the moment – our ingredients come from a close distance which makes us respect them even more.

OUR MENU includes:

Beets, juniper and caraway

Smoked vendace with vegetables

Spaghetti squash and herbs

Pancakes with mushroom and cheese

Whitefish and cauliflower

Jerusalem artichoke, onion and smoked lamb

Beetroot and coffee

Reindeer and pumpkin


Lingonberry, caramel and yoghurt


We combine wine and other drinks passionately with our food. We choose a 6 glass beverage pairing of matching drinks for our menu (65€ per person).

Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions beforehand so that we can guarantee a smooth experience for everyone.