Welcome to Restaurant ORA!


Our focus is serving a relaxed, but top quality dinner at Huvilakatu from Wednesday to Saturday.

Our ingredients are ethical, pure and local. Creating an unforgettable experience is the core in our cooking and service.

We welcome you to Ora at 6.30pm. The serving of the menu starts at 7pm for the whole dining room simultaneously and the menu duration is about 3,5 hours.

Please be kind and arrive on time, so we can hold on to the schedule!

Also remember to dine with us only healthy and without symptoms.

With a notice beforehand, we can make full menus without milk protein, nuts, fish and seafood if the allergy is not severe.

We also make lakto-ovo menus, pescovegetarian and vegan menus when we know in advance.


New menu on the 22nd of March 2023.

See you at dinner time!

Sasu Laukkonen and team ORA

P.s. Unfortunately we cannot sell gift cards at the moment.