Menu and beverages

We serve a menu (98€ per person) that is constructed from seasonal ingredients and our inspiration of the moment – our ingredients come from a close distance which makes us respect them even more.



Finnish wild salmon on barley malt bread with brown butter

Trout from Luvia with tarragon, cucumber and zucchini

Oat focaccia with mint from Kumpula farm and Waldemar-cheese

Fresh pasta with basil, sage and Svarfvars tomatoes

Grilled new potato with chantarelle mushrooms and lavender

ORA rye bread with smoked rainbow trout paste and rhubarb

Vendace from Päijänne with garlic flowers and olive herb

Whitefish from Luvia with kale, roasted whitefish sauce and anise hyssop

Lemon thyme parfait with strawberry and red currants

Sunflower leaf, sunflower seeds and pineappleweed meringue


We combine wine and other drinks passionately with our food. We create a beverage pairing of matching drinks for our menu either with or without alcohol.

Beverage pairing 68€

Non-alcoholic pairing 28€


Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions beforehand so that we can guarantee a smooth experience for everyone.